I started hurting myself to cope with overwhelming emotions, it was my "silent scream".  I was 11 when I first cut myself, and within a couple years I was cutting every day. Eventually cutting wasn't "freeing" me from the anguish inside me, so I turned to drugs and alcohol. I was trapped in a dangerous cycle of destruction that I knew would eventually lead me to my grave. I felt invisible and alone. A friend of mine told me about Door of Hope when I was 15. The crisis care team helped me believe that I wasn't alone, that God did see me and hadn't abandoned me. They guided me to freedom through my faith and encouraged me to seek the Lord. By God's grace I have been set free from the chains of addiction,

Alyssa, 21, Wisconsin

When I was 14 years old, I came across the Founder of Door of Hope 4 Teens. Debra told me all about the organization. I was a train wreck.  I was in a very dark place in my life. I was self injuring more then 10 times a day. The crisis care team encouraged me giving me hope and reassurance that self-injury is not the way to let out all the emotions that are bottled inside. My emotions turned me into a monster. Door of Hope gave me a place to vent and someone who was kind enough to really listen to my story. From the many times I have talked to someone I have learned new coping skills.  I am going on 4 years of not cutting myself! Yes, urges come and go but because of what I have learned I am able to work through the urge and remain free!

Kelsie, 21 Florida

 I was a cutter and hated myself.  I searched the web and found Door of Hope 4 Teens. They listened to me and encour​aged me. I texted and emailed them they gave me a HOPE I never was able to find on my own.  I guess you could say they took the blinders of my ey​es and introuduced me to the person I always wanted to become. They shared with me that God has a plan for my life, I never understood that but slowly I am beginning to see that he really does!!!  Thanks Door of Hope!

Abby, 19  Gaffney, SC


Growing up I had to protect myself from an abusive Uncle. He sexually abused me  and I felt trapped and dirty. I turned to cutting to numb my pain and it was my way to deal with what he did. My therapist told me about Door of Hope and I texted them that same night. Speaking with the crisis care team was amazing! They totally understood what I was dealing with and gave me advice on how to recover.  I will never forget all those conversations with them and how they never judged me. I truly believe they helped me to get emotionally healthier. Taking the first step is never easy, but I'm glad I did. You can too!

Darlene, 18 Rather not say my location

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