For medical professionals, clergy and teachers to learn more about self-injurious behavior call NOW for a complimentary seminar. Donations are welcome to continue our awareness.

My message to teens and young adults is that secrets grow in the dark. The light of Christ will bring truth and healing for your present and future. As a teen I struggled with  depression, low self-esteem and self-injury.I had feelings of shame, guilt and anger and cutting provided a "quick fix" and became my best friend. I fell into a trap of the secret addiction of self-injury and believing in dark lies about myself and my future.

Recovery is a process of change. I can

celebrate that I have overcome self-injury and live a life of complete restoration.

Now my life's work is to encourage and guide

youth in their recovery.

Lets us help you discover that God will open the doors of hope and you can walk in the grace and freedom ofself-harm. What he has done for me, he can do for you!

In His strength,

Debra Cornacchia

Welcome To 

Door of Hope 4 Teens

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans of good and not of evil, plans to give you HOPE and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

Texting HOPE Line:

 803 570.2061 or 914.303.1904

 Sunday, Tuesday  Thursday 8:30 - 10:30 pm est​

text. call. email


Self-injury, also known as cutting is a deliberate injuring of the body which is usually done in secret and NOT for attention, but as a cry for help. However self-injury is a temporary fix to a deep rooted problem. Cutting brings release when dealing with overwhelming emotions. A destructive cycle of needing to cut yourself. followed by guilt and shame becomes addictive.


Door of Hope is a safe place when you can begin your journey towards freedom. You are not alone in your struggle. We help teens all over the world. Recovery is a process and together we can help you discover the person that you were meant to become. You can begin to move past your scars and start living a "new life."

Our trained crisis care advocates will listen to your story and not judge you. We offer encouragement, resources and prayer as we help you learn new coping skills that are a healthy release and point you in the direction on the path that God has intended.

 Its dont have to be religious to contact us. God is not mad at you! He wants you to be free from your emotional pain and through building your faith and know that you are not what your scars represent.

If you are  reading this, deep down you do want to stop cutting. Take a step towards recovery.

If you are 13 or over please contact us today. 

 All conversations are kept confidential.


Are you  are thinking about suicide??

please call 

800-272-8255 or 911




Debra Cornacchia

Executive Director

Our Recovery Coaches understand what its like to feel hopeless. We speak to your fom hearts that have been broken, now mended and thoughts of darkness, now full of light.  

Nena Littlejohn

Board Member


Len Cornacchia

Board Member


Cindy Petrolina 

Tony Petrolina

Board Members

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