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Door of Hope 4 Teens Cutting Hotline
Emotional support for those struggling with cutting.

Text us at 803.570.2061  www.doorofhope4teens.org

Our Hope in Jesus...Do You Know Him?

The pain that we feel in our everyday life is very real. Never doubt the pain you’re in. We have pressure all around us everyday. In school, and at home. All of us have our own ways of letting out our sadness, anger, and confusion. Some of us may feel unloved like “nobody cares for me anymore, so it what does it matter if I hurt myself, no one’s watching me anyways.”

There is always that one person who lives in you who is there to help you in every problem. His name is Jesus. When you tell Him what’s bothering you, and ask Him to help you in life He will. If you ask Jesus one time to help you, and you feel like it didn't work and you hurt yourself again, don’t give up.

Jesus will always be there for you, to be there to help you get through anything you are facing in your life. He feels the pain with you. He’s saying to you, “my child, I love you dearly, and when you let me help you we can get through this problem together.” “When you want to give in again, or feel like giving up, let me be your strength, and hope Next time you feel like giving in or have a problem in your life, may you always remember that Jesus is always helping you and is in your heart. There is always Hope in our Lord Jesus!

By Brittany: Blog writer for Door of Hope 4 teens
 Email: Brittany.doorofhope@gmail.com

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