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Door of Hope 4 Teens. If you are interested in bringing awareness to self-injury and would like to host a fundraising event at your school, church or other organization please contact us . Thank you!

The struggles of self-injury, also known as cutting can make you feel as though you are in a never ending pattern of addiction and despair. We at Door of Hope 4 Teens have been a part of many young peoples lives who have recoveredand put self-injury behind them. You can too!! Call or text our crisis hope line today

914.393.1904 or 803.570.2061

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Hope in Action : The Definition of Me

I am anxious for nothing    Philippians 4:6

I am cherished     Ephesians 5:29

I am blameless    1 Corinthians 1:8

I am free from condemnation  Romans 8:31


You are not what your scars reveal., YOU are worth much more!


 A common reason for self-injury is to get relief from overwhelming emotions.

Cutting and other forms of self harm are like a "silent scream"often trying to release feelings you cannot express with words. Emptiness, low self-esteem, fear, depression and anger are emotions you might be able to identify with. Research indicates a connection of self-injurious behavior with a history of trauma or abuse. This may include but not limited to sexual, physical, verbal abuse. Our team at Door of Hope 4 Teens believes that faith in God can begin to repair the damaged areas in your life. He will give you the strength to recover. Never lose hope...You can be set free...contact us today for more information.

914.393.1904  or 803.570.1061     doorofhope4teens@gmail.com

Locally, nationally and internationally,

Door of Hope 4 Teens is an advocacy for teens who struggle with self-injury. 

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area you are  welcome to join our monthly GROWTH GROUP. We also host informational meetings for parents, clergy, teachers and physicians.

Text or call to register

 Recovery is possible

Hope is here...Hope is now

Our mission is to help teens and young adults overcome the struggle of self harm (cutting) and depression. Our team is  here to meet your emotional needs and help you discover freedom through a process of restoration and hope.

 ​Since May of 2008, Door of Hope 4 Teens has been a devoted advocate for teens and young adults who struggle with self-injury, also known as cutting. Self Injurious Behavior and Deliberate Self harm. Our team of crisis Advocates and Recovery Coaches provide emotional support, resources and prayer. We have helped thousands of youth from across the globe.

Our national TEXTING LINE, email mentorship and phone calls make it possible for us to be reached no matter where you live.

Text or call 

Door of Hope 

914.393.1904  ​803.570.2061

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 

8:30 - 10 pm est 

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